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Welcome to grantsandfunding.ie newsletter. We bring you regular announcements on new grant and funding opportunities as soon as they are announced. Below is a selection of opportunities and grant funding for a variety of organisations.

NOTE: As this is a sample email published on our website, most of the deadlines for applying for the grants listed below will have passed.

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Nationwide Opportunities

CLÁR 2023: €7.85 million funding for community and sports facilities

Deadline Approaching

Almost €8 million in fresh funding has been allocated to community and sports facilities nationwide under the 2023 CLÁR (Ceantair Laga Árd-Riachtanais) programme .

The CLÁR programme provides funding for small scale projects in rural areas that have experienced significant levels of population decline.

The programme is divided into three measures, which cover the different initiatives supported by the scheme.

Under Measure 1 of the 2023 initiative, grants from €5,000 to €50,000 are being provided to support the development of community and sports facilities, youth clubs, playgrounds, sensory gardens, walking tracks and much more.

For the first time, the programme offers funding to carry out improvements to spectator stands at local GAA and sports clubs.

Deadline: 6th June 2023

Measure 2 supports voluntary groups that provide free transport to people receiving cancer care and other treatment. Community First Response Support and Search and Rescue organisations are also eligible to apply.

The measure comes with maximum grants of €50,000 for a car and €100,000 for a bus.

Deadline: 12th May 2023

Measure 3 is designed to support offshore island communities, with maximum grants of €120,000 available for community transport projects and up to €50,000 available for amenities projects.

Deadline: 6th June 2023

More info: https://www.gov.ie/en/news/b0e7c-clar-2023-8-million-new-funding-for-community-and-sports-facilities/

Community Water Development Fund 2023

The Fund has been in operation since 2018. Since that time, €2m in grant aid has been awarded to 629 grant recipients to fund all types of water related projects. Examples include: feasibility studies; surveys and plans; biodiversity signage; water conservation measures; invasive species control; riparian management and planting; training workshops; Citizen Science initiatives, etc.

The Fund is open to all community and voluntary groups to assist in the protection and management of water quality, both locally and in the wider catchment.

Deadline – Friday 13th January 2023 at 11am

More info: https://lawaters.ie/community-water-development-fund-2023/

Heritage in the Community Grants Scheme 2023

A fund of €20,000 has been allocated to assist community based heritage projects which compliment or fulfil the delivery of the Waterways Ireland Heritage Plan along the Barrow Navigation, Erne System, Grand Canal, Lower Bann, Royal Canal, Shannon, Shannon-Erne, and the Ulster Canal (Upper Lough Erne to Clones).

Deadline – January 31st 2023

More info: https://www.waterwaysireland.org/Heritage-Grant

Shared Island Civic Society Fund

The Shared Island Civic Society Fund is an initiative to promote practical North South cooperation and engagement across a range of sectors and themes, consistent with the objectives and commitments of the Good Friday Agreement.

The Fund will prioritise applications relating to, but not limited to, the following areas, including applications from regional or national representative bodies:

  • Climate and environment
  • Community development
  • Heritage and conservation
  • Social enterprise, charity, and voluntary sector
  • Sport

Funding awards of up €25,000 per successful project will generally be made, with scope for awards of a maximum of €50,000 where necessary for bigger projects.

Deadline – Monday, 27 February 2023

More info: https://www.dfa.ie/about-us/funding/sharedislandcivicsocietyfund/

Music Capital Scheme 2022

The Music Capital Scheme provides funding for the purchase of musical instruments to individual professional performing musicians and non-professional performing groups.

Deadline – 28th February 2023

More info: https://www.musicnetwork.ie/instrument-hub/music-capital-scheme

Shared Island Sports Club EV Charging Scheme

The Shared Island Sports Club EV Charging Scheme provides funding for the cost of installing electric vehicle charge points at sports club facilities across the island of Ireland. This Scheme is funded through the government’s Shared Island Fund and is administered by Pobal on behalf of Zero Emission Vehicle Ireland (ZEVI)

Deadline – 28th February 2023 at 5pm

More info: https://www.pobal.ie/programmes/zevischemes/

Creative Climate Action fund

The ‘Creative Climate Action II: Agents of Change’ programme is a joint initiative of the Creative Ireland Programme and the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications.

The programme is calling for creative projects which address the following:

  • Encourage everyone to rethink their lifestyles
  • Connect with the biodiversity crisis
  • Enable a fair and just transition in making lifestyle changes
  • Assist citizens to understand the climate crisis
  • Adapt to the effects of climate change

Deadline – 5.00pm Monday 13th March 

More info: https://www.creativeireland.gov.ie/en/news/new-e3-million-creative-climate-action-fund-launched-by-government/

The HeadStart Fund 2023-2026

All young people can benefit from better mental health and The HeadStart Fund recognises that you don’t need to be at a ‘crisis point’ to access mental health support. Therefore, the projects/organisations who apply for the HeadStart Fund will be working across the full spectrum of mental health initiatives including early interventions, well-being and resilience programmes, confidence-building supports, initiatives for fighting depression/social anxiety/loneliness/stress, etc. This is not an exhaustive list.

The HeadStart Fund will support organisations working with young people aged 15-24 in the Republic of Ireland and will focus on innovative solutions to help groups such as young people, women, and those experiencing socio-economic disadvantage through cash grants and non-financial support.

Deadline – 3rd March 2023 at 1pm

More info: https://rethinkireland.ie/current_fund/the-headstart-fund/

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Community and Voluntary Sector Energy Support Scheme

A once-off payment to eligible charities and community and voluntary sector organisations towards their energy costs for 2022.

Deadline – March 24th 2023

More info: https://www.pobal.ie/programmes/community-and-voluntary-sector-energy-support-scheme/

The Disability Participation and Awareness Fund 2023

The goal of the Disability Participation and Awareness Fund is to support innovative projects or organisations across Ireland to:

  1. build skills and remove barriers to help people with disabilities take part in their communities,
  2. provide valuable employment experience to people with disabilities, and
  3. support the overall participation of people with disabilities in local activities, in line with the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in communities.

Deadline – Friday, 31st March 2023 at 1pm

More info: https://rethinkireland.ie/current_fund/the-disability-participation-and-awareness-fund-2023/

NPWS Grants for Small Recording Projects 2023

Ireland has a long tradition of natural history recording. NPWS recognises that the recording community needs support to maintain and enhance its expertise in species identification and recording.

The primary aim of these grants is to support and encourage the current network of naturalists recording in Ireland and to develop the next generation of specialist recorders. Grants are aimed at volunteer, unpaid recorders, or groups, societies and associations of recorders who have limited/no access to financial supports for their work.

Deadline – 5pm on 31st March 2023

More info: https://www.nationalruralnetwork.ie/biodiversity/biodiversity-news/npws-grants-for-small-recording-projects-2023/

ALL Collaboration & Innovation Fund 2023

The ALL Collaboration and Innovation Fund aims to bring regional and community partners all over Ireland together in working towards creating a more literacy-aware society, and achieving the targets set out in the Adult Literacy for Life 10-Year Strategy:

  • Increasing the number of learners engaging with literacy and language support by 20,000 over the first half of the strategy’s lifetime;
  • Reduce the number of adults in Ireland with unmet literacy needs, from 18% to 7%;
  • Reduce the number of adults in Ireland with unmet numeracy needs from 25% to 12%;
  • Reduce the share of adults in Ireland without basic digital skills from 47% to 20%.

Deadline – 5pm on Friday, 14th April.

More info: https://www.adultliteracyforlife.ie/fund/

Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme Funding 2023

This Scheme seeks to encourage local peatland communities, groups, schools and other interested parties to play a part in the conservation and revitalisation of raised and blanket bogs – particularly protected bogs and fens – and to promote public engagement with and awareness of our natural heritage and environment.

Applications are welcomed across a diverse range of peatland initiatives that offer a community benefit, including events, education programmes, conservation management plans, restoration measures, feasibility studies, public amenity and recreational projects, plans to deal with invasive species, and fire control measures.

Successful applicants for this year’s assistance will be awarded funding to support a maximum of 80% of the project’s eligible costs, with a maximum grant of €40,000 for designated sites and up to €20,000 for undesignated peatland or fen sites.

Deadline – 5th May 2023

More info: https://www.npws.ie/peatlands-and-turf-cutting/peatlands-community-engagement-scheme-funding-2023

Children’s Promise Grant Programme

The ‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme is a new programme within the Katharine Howard Foundation, in collaboration with Community Foundation Ireland (CFI), and aims to support organisations working with young children and their families in disadvantaged areas, who may not reach their potential due to the corrosive impact of poverty. This is necessary because despite Ireland being a prosperous, developed country, an estimated 89,288 children live in consistent poverty.

Deadline – 12th May 2023

More info: https://www.khf.ie/childrens-promise-grant-programme/

Coca-Cola Thank You Fund 2023

Operating in partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation and supporting partners YouthAction Northern Ireland, The Coca-Cola Company and its partner Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland are this year joining forces to double the size and impact of the Fund, making €200,000 in grants available. Awards of up to €5,000 and €10,000 will be available to support community-based projects that are focused on empowering young people through programmes of learning, inclusion, and sustainable development.

Deadline – Thursday 15th June 2023 at 6pm

More info: https://iyf.ie/coca-cola-thank-you-fund-2023/

Eirgrid – Community Benefit Fund

EirGrid operates thousands of kilometres of power lines across the island of Ireland. When upgrading or adding new transmission infrastructure to help make the grid more efficient, economic and sustainable, many factors are considered. These include the need to protect the interests of individuals,

households, businesses and communities whilst ensuring long lasting benefits of safe, secure and sustainable energy. EirGrid aims to create as little disturbance as possible, but at times this work can involve some  disruption to communities.

For this reason, a dedicated fund for new grid development is made available to provide direct benefits to communities who are closest to new transmission infrastructure. These funds, which are proportional to the scale of the project, support local good causes, help communities transform their area, and provide the opportunity to each community to become or remain a ‘sustainable energy community’. The overall aim is to leave a positive legacy

in the communities hosting electrical infrastructure.

Deadline – Check the link below for your area

More info: https://www.eirgridgroup.com/about/in-the-community/community-fund/

RISE Community Fund

The RISE Community Fund supported by National Broadband Ireland and Granahan McCourt is aimed at addressing the rural digital divide and will award 5 monthly grants of €1,000 each to empower local businesses, community groups, farms and social enterprises to enhance their digital strategy. The Fund offers an immediate financial injection into your local community, boosting the digital ecosystem.

Deadline – Ongoing, check website for your county deadline

More info: https://riseglobalfoundation.com/programs/rise-community-fund/

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County Specific Grants and Funding

Various grant and funding calls are issued in different counties and managed or overseen by Local Authorities, ETBs, Sports Partnerships and other organisations. Our newsletter features calls that are specific to individual counties and categorised under the county name. Below is a sample of such calls.

Co. Tipperary

Community Support Fund

€10 million fund to support thousands of local community & voluntary groups with their energy bills/running costs.

Small grants in the range of €500 to €2500 are provided to help groups with running costs and rising energy bills or insurance.

Applications from groups supporting rural pursuits and activities welcome
Groups can also use the funding to carry out small upgrade works and to purchase equipment to support their activities such as laptops and printers, lawnmowers, training equipment, etc.

Deadline – January 31st 2023 at 5pm

More info: https://www.tipperarycoco.ie/community/community-support-scheme/community-support-fund

Tidy Towns Grant Scheme 2023

Applications are invited from Tidy Towns/Community Groups, under the above Scheme

for projects/works to be carried out in 2023, which will enhance the appearance of the

local area/village/town.

Deadline – Friday 10th March, 2023

More info: https://www.tipperarycoco.ie/environment/tidy-towns-support/tidy-towns-grant-scheme-2023

REACH Fund 2023

Tipperary ETB is inviting applications across a range of different thematic areas in 2023.

Some of these thematic areas include;

· Learner assistance fund, inclusive of education outreach/mentoring projects/transport costs for learners/urgent educational response,
· Innovative green projects,
· Projects focused on increasing participation in learning with target cohorts,
· Events/awareness campaigns that contribute to equality policy and legislation,
· In line with the ALL strategy, specific actions that:
– directly address those experiencing unmet literacy needs,
– target funding on access to technology and devices,
– expand community access to Wi-Fi and broadband resources,
· Community groups in pre-development phase to support the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups,
· Support for refugee groups to support education and training delivery and promote/ support cultural and social inclusion, including research and/or needs

Deadline – 5pm April 28th, 2023

More info: https://tipperary.etb.ie/latest-news/reach-fund-2023-open-call-to-community-groups-from-march-1st-29th-2023/

Co. Limerick

Community Groups & Sports Clubs Physical Activity Small Grant Scheme 2023

The Community Groups & Sports Clubs small grant scheme will provide funding to support groups to further provide sports and physical activity opportunities with their communities.

The minimum amount that can be applied for by any applicant under this scheme is €500 and the maximum amount is €1000.

Deadline – 5pm on Wednesday 26th April 2023

More info: https://limericksports.ie/small-grant-scheme-2023/

Co. Mayo

Return to Sport Small Grant Scheme 2023

The scheme, supported by Sport Ireland, has a total available fund of €85,000 which is categorized under 3 headings.

COVID 19 Support Fund (€50,000) – Available to clubs / organisations impacted by the pandemic who did not receive direct funding from their national governing body in 2023. Costs can include cleaning / hygiene, venue hire, equipment etc. ( Max amount per application €1500)

Participation Fund (€25,000) -Invites clubs and organizations who have sport / recreation as their central focus to submit proposals which would return participants to sporting activities and/ or increase participation amongst disadvantaged groups of our population. (Max amount per application €1500)

Volunteer Training / Education Fund (€10,000) – Coach Education and general volunteer training ie First Aid etc can be supported to a maximum of 50% of the total cost. Note: Excludes Safeguarding courses as these are already subsidized by the Partnership.

Deadline – COVID 19 Support Fund – 12th May 2023 at 5pm

Deadline – Participation Fund – 12th May 2023 at 5pm

Deadline – Training Grant – No closing date

More info: https://consult.mayo.ie/en/content/return-sport-small-grant-scheme-2023

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