ChangeX launches ServiceNow Community Improvement Fund to help fuel decarbonisation efforts in Ireland

ServiceNow Community Improvement Fund Ireland

ChangeX, in partnership with ServiceNow, is expanding the ServiceNow Community Improvement Fund to new markets, helping fund community improvement projects that are focused on decarbonisation efforts in Ireland. 

Together, ChangeX and ServiceNow are committed to sustainable development that helps create thriving and sustainable communities across the world. This initiative, now focused in nine regions around the world, helps to provide local community groups and organisations with the proper resources to start or expand projects focused on decarbonisation. Alternatively, organisations can also choose from three proven ideas that have already had a positive social or environmental impact in communities across the world: Precious Plastic, Ecosystem Restoration Communities (ERC) and Solar Education. 

Precious Plastic exists to reduce plastic waste through boosting recycling, implementing new biodegradable materials, adopting zero waste lifestyles and other initiatives. ERC is a global movement of everyday people, reversing ecological destruction, returning nutrients to the soil, and restoring rich biodiversity and water systems. The restoration work done by communities draws carbon down and cools the surface temperature of the earth. 

Averil Rafferty is a community leader from The Smarter Travel Choice, a Dublin-based organisation that received funding in the first phase of the ServiceNow and ChangeX partnership. She started a bike sharing programme to promote a shift towards sustainable transport. Speaking about starting the initiative in her community, she said, “The bike library is an excellent example of a project designed to induce long-term change in commuting behaviour.” 

“Decarbonisation isn’t just about reducing emissions, it’s about shaping a world where innovation and sustainability thrive in harmony,” said Edua Dickerson, VP of ESG and finance strategy at ServiceNow. “At ServiceNow, we are deeply committed to making the world work better for everyone. Through the ServiceNow Community Improvement Fund, we are proud to invest in organisations focusing on decarbonisation in our local communities, helping move us all towards a more sustainable future.”

“ChangeX is proud to partner with ServiceNow in our shared mission to empower communities to tackle climate change,” said Paul O’Hara, CEO at ChangeX. “Together, we recognise that the power of community-driven initiatives can catalyse transformative action. By leveraging technology and empowering local changemakers, we can have a real and lasting impact.” 

ChangeX is accepting applications from organisations across Ireland. The application deadline is May 31, 2024. For more information and details on how to apply, please visit:

About ChangeX 

ChangeX is a community engagement platform designed to get funding and resources directly into the hands of ordinary people to lead impactful projects in their neighbourhoods. 

ChangeX was established in 2015. It works with social innovators to scale proven solutions to environmental, economic and social issues and partners with companies and foundations to support local communities with the necessary funding. Its funders include Microsoft, Accenture and the LEGO Foundation, among others. 

ChangeX is an international non-profit organisation headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with teams based across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

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