Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme

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What the Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme is

The Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme helps households with the costs of replacing lead piping or related fittings located within the internal distribution system connected to a domestic water supply that serves a house.

The scope of the grant and relevant definitions are as detailed in the Housing (Domestic Lead Remediation Grant) Regulations 2022 (S.I. No. 519 of 2022), which came into operation on 1 December 2022.

How to qualify

You may be eligible to apply for a grant to your local authority if you meet the criteria set out in the Terms and Conditions for the scheme.

In order to qualify for the grant, you must occupy the house concerned as your normal place of residence. If you are a long-term tenant of the property, you must have the permission of the owner to carry out the works.

For the purposes of this grant scheme, the property must be a domestic residence. Private holiday homes and properties operated on a commercial basis are excluded (for example: short-term holiday lettings, self-catering properties, caravans/mobile homes, caravan/mobile home sites). Properties owned by local authorities, housing associations and the Health Service Executive (HSE) are not eligible.

In advance of applying for a grant, you must ensure that you have evidence of a requirement to replace lead pipes and related fittings to include with the application to your relevant local authority. This evidence must be in the form of a:

  • notification from a water supplier advising that there is likely to be lead pipes and related fittings within the internal distribution system of the house concerned, OR
  • certificate issued within the six months immediately prior to the date of application by a laboratory accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board, confirming a parametric value for lead in the drinking water supply to the house concerned, which exceeds the statutory limit, currently 10μg/l (10 micrograms per litre), OR
  • notification from a registered building professional advising that there are lead pipes and related fittings located within the internal distribution system of the house concerned


The scheme will continue to be administered by the local authorities on behalf of the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage. The following procedure will apply to the processing of all grants under the Housing (Domestic Lead Remediation Grant) Regulations 2022:

  • claims for payment should be submitted to the local authority in whose functional area the house, the subject of the application, is located
  • claims must be submitted on the DLRG 1a form. You can get this form from your local authority
  • if assistance with completing the form is required, please contact the relevant local authority
  • the relevant local authority will subsequently advise you in writing (or via email) if the application is eligible (subject to terms and conditions) or ineligible
  • once all required documentation, as detailed in the Terms and Conditions, have been received and verified, the local authority will endeavour to process the claim as quickly as possible
  • the local authority reserves the right to make any enquiries it considers necessary, to verify information or supporting documents provided as part of a claim for grant aid, and may exclude from consideration for grant aid any applicant who supplies false or misleading information or documents

Full Terms and Conditions

Customer Leaflet

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