Heritage Keepers Programme

The Heritage Keepers Programme

The Heritage Keepers Programme is open to community groups and primary schools from all across Ireland. Your group or class will participate in 5 weekly workshops, each lasting approximately 2 hours.

At the end of the programme, your group or class will plan a project that promotes or preserves an aspect of your local built, cultural, or natural heritage. Heritage Keepers can also provide a grant towards completing this action.

You may also apply for an additional grant which allows your group or class to organise its own field-trip to a heritage site in your area. This grant can be put towards travel costs or the hiring of an expert to guide the trip.

See www.heritagekeepers.ie for details. Expressions of interest must be received by 12th October 2023. The Heritage Keepers Programme is run by Burrenbeo Trust in partnership with The Heritage Council.

An information webinar was held on 28th September, you can view the recording below

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