Animals & Wildlife Special Draw in Benefact’s Movement for Good

To support the incredible work that so many charities do to support animals and wildlife in need, the Benefact Group’s Movement for Good first special draw of the year will award £5,000 to 10 charities working in this area.

  • This nomination window is open for five days, from 19th – 23rd February 2024.
  • This special draw is open to charities whose core charitable purpose is the advancement of animal and wildlife welfare, including the prevention or suppression of cruelty to animals and wildlife, or the prevention or relief of suffering by animals and wildlife.
  • If the charity you want to nominate has another core purpose, we’re sorry, it’s not eligible for this draw. You can however enter them in our main draw here.
  • If you’ve already nominated a charity for a £1,000 donation in our main draw, please ensure you nominate them again using the form on this page when the animal and wildlife draw opens to make sure they’re in the running.
  • Ten winning charities will be drawn to win £5,000 each during the week beginning February 26th 2024 and announced on March 1st 2024.

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